WISE-WISE is a furniture and interior designing company pursuing “Creating Peace and Comfort in Life”. In manufacturing and sales of furniture, interior designing and sales of quality crafts, WISE-WISE has been thinking about what is the “real richness”, not only seeking for material and money but also caring nature and keeping our culture and tradition.
WISE-WISE uses only Fair Wood (*) and tries to use domestic timber coming from various domestic forests, as much as possible.
Established in December 1996 by Taketoshi Sato, existing President & CEO.

(*) The timber, the origin and chain of custody of which can be traced and verified. WISE-WISE obtained FSC CoC Certificate in 2017.

– Outline –
Company’s name Wise-Wise Co., Ltd.
Address 5-12-7 Jingu-mae, shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001
President & CEO Taketoshi Sato
Fundation December 13th, 1996
– Profile of Taketoshi Sato, President & CEO –

Born in 1964. Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University (BA. Economics) in 1988. Entered Nomura Kogei Co. In 1996, established WISE-WISE Inc. In addition to sales of furniture, interior designing and specialty goods, Taketoshi has developed the WISE-WISE GREEN PROJECT aiming to revitalize the domestic forestry and local economy by active use of Fair Wood respecting their cultural background.

Profile of Taketoshi Sato, President & CEO
– CEO talks about the background of his corporate philosophy –

It was probably the starting point for my current business that I met people of minority tribes in Southeast Asian countries when I travelled in my youth. They enjoyed their life very much; mutually cooperating and receiving benefits from the local forests in spite of deprived environment. I had enjoyed convenience in a large city Tokyo, but seriously asked myself a question which they or I am actually happier?

CEO talks about the background of his corporate philosophy
KURIKOMA received the Good Design Award in 2012

Soon after WISE-WISE was established twenty years ago, our first produced furniture received the grand prize at the IFFS (International Furniture Fair Singapore) and the company well developed thereafter. However, the company was seriously damaged by the Lehman Shock in 2008, and I asked myself what were the founding principles of the company. After searching my soul with sincerity and discussions with a lot of people, I reached a conclusion. That is the Green Company declaration given assistance from FoE Japana global environment protection NGO. The declaration means my company will use only Fair Wood for our products and we spent four years to secure the traceability in procurement and distribution of wood used for our furniture. In May 2017, We obtained FSC / CoC (Forest Stewardship Council / Chain of Custody) certificate – the most authoritative international forest certification. Also, we are manufacturing furniture using domestic timber as much as possible to vitalize deserted forestry and local economies in Japan. Our network with timber-producing districts has been growing with development of new products using local woods, such as the chair “KURIKOMA” which received the Good Design Award in 2012.

In addition to furniture, we have operated a crafts shop “WISE-WISE tools” in Roppongi since 2007 to support craftspeople over Japan involved in traditional specialty goods. Our mission is to provide them with sales opportunities which will contribute to inheritance of their excellent skills to the next generation.

WISE・WISE tools(at Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi)