Tools for living

Operation of a craft and specialty shop “Wise-Wise tools” in Roppongi

– About Wise-Wise Tools –

Our shop “WISE-WISE tools” in Tokyo Midtown (Galleria 3F) has a large assortment of tools for living which enrich your daily life. Almost all of items in the shop are made by distinctive craftspeople who arrange traditional crafts to suite our modern life with new techniques and a sense of beauty. There is little doubt that you can find your favorite items in the shop.

We sincerely hope that traditional crafts will be used by more people every day for succession of craftsmen’s sprit and skill from generation to generation.

Gato Mikio Shoten
Nambu tekki wind-bell
– Traditional Crafts of Japan –

As of January 2017, the number of traditional crafts designated by the Ministry of Manufacturing, Economy and Industry (METI) is 225. Many local districts producing those crafts are in a predicament given dominance of mas-produced goods in the markets. We are willing to support craftspeople who commit to creative activities by providing them with a sales outlet for their products.

Traditional Crafts of Japan
Profiles of some crafts people
– Profiles of some crafts people –

Works of the following four people are exhibited in an event in Denmark this year. Mr. Kawamata and Shimizu are scheduled to appear in the workshop in October.

Eifu Kawamata (Edo oke (tub))

Takayuki Shimizu(Beppu Bamboo crafts)

Mitsuko Ogura (Edo Katazome (Stencil Dyeing) / Tenugui hand towels)

Hisao Iwashimizu (Nambu ironware)