We will think about the global environment and our children and change the way furniture is made.
They say when the earth, our home, is seen from space, it is a beautiful blue and white light echoing inside complete darkness.
Unfortunately, most people on this planet cannot see this beauty with their own eyes. However, we can feel her beauty from the ground if we try.
Particularly, we the Japanese people live on a beautiful island that is blessed with the natural bounties of four prosperous seasons rarely seen anywhere else. Our people live close to nature and have nurtured an amazing and unique culture passed down for centuries from our ancestors of the distant past.
This delicate aesthetic and sense of seasons born by the Japanese people is an important asset. The spirit to seek life out of all living things, plants, and nature and their passion to cherish objects is something that we’d like to see passed on to future generations.
But today, that beautiful earth, Japan’s nature, and the many life forms including mankind are in a critical moment facing issues such as global warming and environmental destruction.
What can we do now? What should we do now so that our children and their children can live in peace and security?
There is a limit to what a single man can do and changing the world is not an easy task. But, we at WISE・WISE have decided to start where we can as a creator of furniture.
We said, “Let’s truly hope for the happiness of our family, our friends, our companions, and all those that believe in us and let’s take action. Let’s paint a beautiful life for everyone and do what we can.”
No matter how the seasons change, there is always a house, a family, and furniture at the center of everyone’s lives. Furniture is an important tool that supports life.
Let’s make furniture that breathes together with the precious lives of its owners, furniture people can spend years living with, furniture that is like family, furniture to grow together with…that is the kind of furniture that we decided to provide with all our passion.

This spirit can be found in our “Green Project.”
  • We are dedicated to long-term use
  • We choose safe materials that consider customer health
  • We do not destroy forests, we nurture them
  • We address global warming/ reduction of environmental burden
This is our promise to our customers, to our business partners, and to our planet.

We can only do so much.
But however small the change, our hope is to work through our products and services to make the daily lives of our customers better and tomorrow’s society brighter.

Chief Executive Officer Taketoshi Sato