Profiles of crafts people

Works of the following four people are exhibited in an event in Denmark this year. Mr. Kawamata and Shimizu are scheduled to appear in the workshop in October.

Eifu Kawamata (Edo oke (tub))

The entire process (over 70 steps) of making an oke is performed all by hand. Even though it is composed of more than ten wood pieces, its appearance has such complete sense of oneness. The number of oke craftsmen are becoming less even across Japan and Eifu is the only oke craftsman in Tokyo.

Eifu Kawamata
Takayuki Shimizu(Beppu Bamboo crafts)

Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, is famous not only for hot springs but also as a district of good bamboo and bamboo crafts. Shimizu-san, still in his thirties, is actively creating a range of bamboo items including bags for daily life, artistic objects and accessories. He also serves as an instructor at a craft school in Tokyo.

Takayuki Shimizu
Mitsuko Ogura (Edo Katazome (Stencil Dyeing) / Tenugui hand towels)

Katazome is a time-consuming technique but Ogura-san performs virtually every step of the process from creating the original design to cutting the stencils and dyeing the fabric. Her unique motifs of design all come from the culture of the Edo (the old name of Tokyo) era.

Mitsuko Ogura
Hisao Iwashimizu (Nambu ironware)

Ironware of the Nambu area, a northern part of Japan, is getting more popular in Europe and China. Iwashimizu-san is a popular iironware craftsman with experience of industrial designing He is the leader of a studio named “Kukan Chuzo (Space Casting)” creating items with sophisticated form by his brilliant technique bringing out the best of iron texture.